F-Team Training Lab Membership

Your most comprehensive coaching plan. One of our Coaches will fully develop and monitor a training plan which changes with you as you develop as an athlete. The coach-athlete relationship is an important bond which enables the coach to tap into your hidden potential and to adjust your training to fit with your specific needs. Every athlete is different and responds better to different training stimuli. With Precision Coaching, Foot Traffic coaches get to know an athlete’s strengths, weaknesses and idiosyncrasies enabling us to better adapt your training to fit YOU. 


Your training and your future training plan are regularly assessed by your coach and tweaked and adjusted to match your growth and development. Because the training plan isn’t set in stone from one day to the next, if you are struggling with fatigue or are finding everything is too easy, training can be adapted to make sure you do not suffer from over training or under achieving. Our goal is to get you to race day so finely tuned that the race course doesn’t know what hit it.


If you have long term goals, some bigger distances to conquer, need some accountability, or have a more complex daily life than your average athlete, then this type of coaching could be the answer you are looking for. We coach shift workers with inconsistent hours, athletes who are only able to train indoors for an outdoor event, long term athletes hoping to try professional sports and plenty of those athletes who have bitten the bullet and signed up for the big races like Ironman. In today’s hectic life putting in more hours is often not an option, train smarter with your very own customised coaching plan.



F-Team Coaching comes with unlimited coach contact, as well as full access to the Foot Traffic Training Lab with all its benefits, unlimited access to Group training sessions and regular review and feedback on your progress. Get a 12 week plan to see you through to the next race or a 12 year plan to see you achieve your secret dreams. There are no limits to how long you sign up for, the only limits are what you can dream. And if it isn’t working for you then cancel anytime.

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