Indoor Cycling Training

Join the Foot Traffic FTeam and Training Lab athletes as they undertake this 8 week Indoor Cycle Training Plan

The Training Plan commences on Monday 27 July, but you can sign up any time after that date

What you will get

  • A Training Plan written by the Foot Traffic Coaching team.
  • Access to the Foot Traffic Training Lab membership for the duration of the plan.
  • Your Training Plan will be delivered through the your own calendar in the Foot Traffic website.
  • Join in the Zwift 'Meet Up' ride at 6pm (NZT) Monday and 6am (NZT) Thursday where we will perform the session of the day together.  You can download the .ZWO file to be then added to your Custom Zwift workouts.  
  • For those who can't make the Coached session, there will be a Zwift follow-up 'Meet Up' at 6am Tuesday and 6pm Thursday where you can join other athletes for the session.  Watch the linked YouTube video of the Coach taking you through that session
  • If you use TrainerRoad the session will also be available as a Custom Workout for you to follow.  You will find the session in the TrainerRoad Foot Traffic Team Workout Library  You can then follow Coach Rob in the live Zoom call of the workout.
  • And if you don't use either Zwift or TrainerRoad then you can simply follow the workout text, and view the Zoom Call as Coach Rob takes you through the workout.
  • Each live session will be recorded and made available for you if you'd rather ride it a following day.

What you need

  • An Indoor Trainer is essential.  It doesn't need to be a 'Smart' Trainer, just your normal 'Wheel on' Trainer will suffice.
  • A speed/cadence meter on your bike is handy if you want to follow the cadence instructions in the workouts.
  • If you want to follow the workouts on either Zwift or TrainerRoad you will need an account with either of these applications.  Either your Smart Trainer, Power Meter or Virtual Power will help you determine your effort.
  • Access to Facebook if you want to follow the live workout, especially for those not using Zwift.

  • A fan is handy to have blowing on you to keep your body temperature down through the session.
  • Enough drink for the workout, you may require 1-1.5 litres of fluid and maybe a gel for the tougher sessions.
  • A great attitude to push yourself, and make the most of structured indoor training.

What it costs

This Training Plan is free to current Foot Traffic FTeam Coached athletes and current Training Lab Online Members.

  • Our FTeam athletes who are keen to follow the plan can just contact their Coach and they will upload the sessions directly to Training Peaks for them.
  • Training Lab members will fill in the form below
  • For anyone else you will also fill in the form below and be taken to a payment gateway at a later step.  For you it's just a one off fee - $50 (NZD)   

Indoor Cycling Training Plan

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