Our Coaches

Rob Dallimore, BHSc (Pod.)

Rob adopts a number of different techniques to train his athletes and keep them injury free, such as optimizing training zones, monitoring power, pace and heart rate, strength training, nutrition and adequate rest and recovery.  Rob enjoys helping those athletes who are keen to learn.  He works with athletes who want to reach that next level in their performance and who are prepared to look beyond ways that they are used to training to achieve this.  Rob likes getting stuck into the analysis of training and race data files and other metrics (Bike and Run Power, Heart Rate, Pace, Heart Rate Variability etc).

Anna Lorimer, PhD (Sports Biomechanics)

Over many years of training, coaching and studying Anna has a wealth of knowledge about triathlon that she loves to pass on to her athletes. Anna believes that all athletes come to a coach with both goals they are willing to tell people about and goals they secretly have but think might be a bit beyond their reach. She likes nothing better than to see her athletes reach their ‘impossible’ goals. Anna has a special interest in helping athletes who struggle with gut and fueling issues and has worked closely with a number of athletes, using her personal experience to help develop fueling strategies to help them reach their full potential.

Mark Bowstead, Professional Athlete

Marks career has been shaped by some great coaches; Frank Clarke, Gordon Walker, Nathan Richmond and Mark Bone. But also had the pleasure of training with a lot of the best in the world, such as; Cameron Brown, Terenzo Bozzone, Tim Berkel, Helle Frederiksen, Alicia Kaye, Josh Amberger, Sebastian Kienle.  His knowledge of the sport, scientific mind and experience will help him greatly in becoming a good coach. Mark really wants to share his knowledge and is looking forward to helping athletes smash their PB’s and achieve their goals.

Rebecca Clarke, Professional Athlete

Rebecca’s coaching style involves a focus on consistency and building up slowly to avoid injury. From being involved in sport from a young age she has seen a lot of young athlete burn out from too much, too soon. Rebecca encourages feedback by athletes to effectively work together to get the best out of the athlete. She looks at various data tools (HR, Power, Pace) to keep track of progress while also taking into consideration other lifestyle factors which can impact on an athlete’s training. She enjoys coaching a wide range of athletes, whether training for their first sprint distance or Ironman and is excited for them to achieve their goals.

Mike Wright

Mike is a Tri NZ certified coach and member of the Hamilton Tri club. With 10+ years experience in triathlon he has managed to become highly competitive in all distances while balancing the demands of working full time and a young family. Mike enjoys helping athletes achieve their goals by developing plans based on the athlete’s ability and time available.  Excellent at analysing training and racing data and keeping the training interesting, challenging, rewarding, and achievable.

Carolyn Burmester - Beginners

Carolyn is an age-group athlete who developed in the sport at a later age.  Carolyn's coaching style is suited to beginner or older athletes wanting a sporting or lifestyle change.  She aims to help athletes to grow with the sport and gain passion, enjoyment and a sense of achievement through balanced, achievable yet challenging training.

RJ Cowan, M.S. Kinesiology

RJ Cowan competed in cross country and track and field in the NCAA where he became a two-time All-American, South/Southeast Regional Champion as well as a multi-time school record holder.