At Foot Traffic we have a great team of coaches ready to help you with your training and racing goals. Each of our coaches have a unique approach and we do our best to match up our athletes with the coach that will be the best fit.

Rob Dallimore, BHSc (Pod.)

Rob adopts a number of different techniques to train his athletes and keep them injury free, such as optimizing training zones, monitoring power, pace and heart rate, strength training, nutrition and adequate rest and recovery.  Rob enjoys helping those athletes who are keen to learn.  He works with athletes who want to reach that next level in their performance and who are prepared to look beyond ways that they are used to training to achieve this.  Rob likes getting stuck into the analysis of training and race data files and other metrics (Power, Heart Rate, Pace, Heart Rate Variability etc).

Anna Lorimer

, PhD

Anna’s extensive science background means she has an in depth understanding about how training, nutrition, rest and recovery influence the body. Anna has a particular interest in tailoring training and nutrition to the female athlete using the research from expert exercise physiologist Dr Stacy Sims and her own experience as a guide. At Foot Traffic the aim is to fit the package to the athlete in order to maximise their sporting experience.

Simon Cochrane

Simon's coaching style includes a well rounded approach using skills in his strength and conditioning background. He has 8+ years of personal training and coaching experience and has worked with a large range of athletes from beginners running a 5km race,  through to training Professional athletes at the Ironman distance. 

Mark Bowstead

Marks career has been shaped by some great coaches; Frank Clarke, Gordon Walker, Nathan Richmond and Mark Bone. But also had the pleasure of training with a lot of the best in the world, such as; Cameron Brown, Terenzo Bozzone, Tim Berkel, Helle Frederiksen, Alicia Kaye, Josh Amberger, Sebastian Kienle.  His knowledge of the sport, scientific mind and experience will help him greatly in becoming a good coach. Mark really wants to share his knowledge and is looking forward to helping athletes smash their PB’s and achieve their goals.

Dion Marinkovich

Dion’s approach to coaching is to tailor the program to the individuals own lifestyle and keep it fun and inspiring. Having suffered injury setbacks in the past he is keen to ensure others learn from past mistakes and ensure athletes have enough strength conditioning and recovery in their training.  Dion is currently taking time out of the sport to raise his young family but is keen to help others achieve whatever goals they may have. Dion currently lives in Sydney and is on hand to assist Australian based athletes.