Anna Lorimer

PhD (Sports Biomechanics), PG Dip (Sport and Exercise), BSc (Hons) Medicinal Chemistry, ISAK Level 3

Coaching Philosophy

Anna’s interest in biomechanics extends to all aspects of triathlon. She is constantly experimenting with stroke mechanics in swimming to determine the best way to maximise the effects of swim training for triathletes. She is experienced in bike fitting and believes that multisport athletes should have a different bike fit to cyclists to reflect the differing demands on their bodies. Anna has extensive understanding in running mechanics and injury prevention.

More about Anna

Anna is an experienced endurance athlete having been in the sport now for over 10 years and has successfully completed the range of distances from sprint to Ironman. Anna is a competitive age group athlete, has competed at the Kona Ironman World Championships in 2014, holds the female course record for the Challenge Wanaka full course and has multiple podium finishes to her name.

Anna has extensive science knowledge and has a post graduate diploma in Sports Science and a PhD in biomechanics where she investigated Achilles injuries in triathletes. Her background of science and her experience as a female athlete led her to pursue further understanding regarding the differences of the female athlete and uses much of the research of Dr Stacy Sims and others leading the way in the study of the female athlete when working with her female athletes.  Anna works part time as an Assistant Professor in Anatomy and Biomechanics for Bond University’s Exercise and Sports Science which allows her to stay abreast of the latest research in the Sports Science industry and works alongside world leading researchers and practitioners in sports physiology and strength and conditioning. Anna has observed and experienced the benefits of strength training in the endurance athlete for both performance and injury prevention and therefore has an interest in incorporating strength work into the programs of her athletes.

At Foot Traffic we aim to fit the training to the athlete. We realise that every individual has different demands on their life and that training. Anna is experienced in coaching shift workers as well as those with 9-5 commitments and anything in between.