Training for IRONMAN Australia

and IRONMAN 70.3 Port Macquarie? 

We have the Training Plans for you...

Our Port Macquarie specific Training Plans are not like your standard off the shelf training plans, we are revolutionising online triathlon training.  Our plans come with bells and whistles you wont find with standard off the shelf plans.  They are online training plans with added coach interactions but without the expense, here are some of the benefits....

  • Structured Training Plans written by Rob, our IRONMAN Certified Coach.
  • Plans designed for every level of athlete; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.
  • The training plans are designed in 4 week long blocks, and you will receive each block the week before it starts.
  • Access to your Training Plan through the Foot Traffic Coaching Membership Site or directly to your phone via our app means your Training Plan can be viewed from anywhere at any time.
  • All sessions come with detailed workout notes for swim, bike and run.
  • Receive regular emails from us throughout your training.
  • Each block of training comes with a detailed overview so you will understand the purpose of the training.
  • The Foot Traffic Coaching Team are on standby via Chat and email to answer your questions.
  • Access to our private Facebook group to give you a sense of community, interact with other athletes and Coaches should you desire.

START DATE:     You can join up whenever you like, and we will make sure you have the Training Plan that will match you up to the rest of the group

PRICE:                 $12/week.     OR     $180 one off price for the entire 20 week plan  


Plan Structure

This is a 20 week Training Plan and is broken into five seperate 4 weeks blocks; BASE1, BASE2, BUILD1, BUILD2 and RACE.  The blocks are configured slightly differently to ensure there is sufficient training load, progression and recovery to optimise your adaptations.

Each Block has a Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level for you to chose from.

You have the freedom to move the sessions around the week to suit your own family/work/social schedules.

The training hours mentioned below apply to the IRONMAN Training Plan.  If you are doing the IRONMAN 70.3 Plan then the training volume will be on average 2-3 hours per week less.

Base 1 and 2

Weekly hours for these Blocks will be 8-11/week (Beginner), 10-14/week (Intermediate) and 12-16/week (Advanced).

Below is a sample week from the Intermediate Base1 plan.

Build 1 and 2

Weekly hours for these Blocks will be 14-15/week (Beginner), 15-16/week (Intermediate) and 16-18/week (Advanced).

Below is a sample week from the Intermediate Build1 plan.


The race Block follows a similar structure to the Base and Build in terms of workout days, but the volume reduces as you taper down to race day.