Mark Bowstead

Coaching Philosophy

Mark understands the work/life/training balance and will work with you to optimise your training and help you to improve. Marks style would be a mixture of ‘Old school’ and ‘scientific’.

More about Mark

Mark has been training and competing in triathlons for 18 years, he is widely experienced in racing and training for all distances and has been passing that knowledge on to athletes for the past 3 years now.

Mark has personally achieved some great results for himself with and average Ironman time of around 8.25, a PB of 8.16 and now a 3rd place at Ironman Australia, he knows what it takes to get a great result. Mark has also raced non drafting Olympic distances and 70.3 events with 4 podiums and one win at the 70.3 events and a 16th place professional at the 2016 world champs.

More recently Mark has helped coach numerous age group athletes to PB’s age group national titles and world champs qualification. 

He really encourages feedback as a personalised program needs to be fully personal as no two athletes are the same. Marks knowledge, advice and experience will help you smash your next goal.