Mike Wright

Coaching Philosophy

I have a big focus on enjoyment and sustainability.  The training and racing schedule should be structured in a way that brings success and the ability to meet goals consistently to the athlete but also those around them.  Whether the athlete is looking to finish a race or qualify for world champs, the journey and end result should have the athlete on the start line ready to go (mentally and physically).

More about Mike


Mike started competing in triathlon in his 30’s after signing up for Ironman NZ as his first triathlon event (first time was postponed due to broken bone weeks out from the race).  After signing up for Ironman he decided a shorter distance as the first one is probably a good idea and decided on Rotorua Half Ironman (aptly named 'Suffer').  It rained all day, I got a puncture on the bike (and very cold changing it), and my clip on aero bar extensions came loose and completely separated from my bike leaving me to steer with only my elbows.  That day I discovered endurance events seldom go to plan and that elusive 'perfect race' is a hard nut to crack.

Since then, Mike has become a 6x finisher at Ironman NZ - PB of 9:25, 2x Kona finisher - PB of 9:44, 20+ half Ironman’s - PB of 4:18, and many shorter distances including national age group representation at World Champs events overseas, and often on the age group podium (in some cases out right winning races) domestically.   

Mike has achieved this while working full time and raising a young family and he understands the time pressures and commitments being competitive requires.  There are definitely ways to get the training/racing done while being time poor.

Also, a keen mountain biker, there is often a MTB race or offroad duathlon race or 2 over the winter months.

Mike holds his Tri NZ coaching qualification and is keen to help others find enjoyment and long term involvement and success in the sport.