Solo 5km, 10km and Half Marathon Challenge

Join some of the Foot Traffic FTeam and Training Lab athletes as they undertake this 8 week Training Plan which culminates with a 5km, 10km and Half Marathon...hopefully a PB for you too.

The Training Plan commences on Tuesday 6 April and 'race day' is 31 May

What you will get


  • An 8 Week Training Plan written by the Foot Traffic Coaching team.
  • Access to the Foot Traffic Training Lab membership for the duration of the plan.
  • Your Training Plan will be delivered through your own calendar in the Foot Traffic website.
  • You can link your Strava or Garmin accounts to your Foot Traffic Training Calendar and compare training planned to training done.
  • Membership to our private Facebook Group so you can share stories and experiences through the training, as well as ask questions of the Foot Traffic Coaches and other athletes.
  • Advice on setting your training zones and target paces.
  • Inspiration and motivation to get out there and do it.


What you need


  • A GPS watch or cell phone that has GPS capabilities.
  • An account on Strava.  You can just use the free/basic account and still be able to make the most of the tracking and training features.
  • Beginner athletes will need to have a small amount of fitness, enough to complete a 30 minute run/walk.
  • Advanced athletes should have some experience at running a variety of paces and intensities.
  • If you are carrying an injury we don't recommend you undertake this Training Plan, or perhaps consider doing one of the shorter distance plans.
  • The motivation to get out there and train (you're an athlete, so you will have that in abundance).


What it costs

This Training Plan is free to current Foot Traffic FTeam Coached athletes and current Training Lab Online Members.

  • Our FTeam athletes who are keen to follow the plan can just contact their Coach and they will upload the sessions directly to Training Peaks for them.
  • Training Lab members will follow the link below

For anyone else it's just a one off fee - $50 (NZD) for the whole 8 Week Training Plan.  


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Solo 5k, 10k or Half Marathon Training Plan

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