TriNZ eSport League

Structured Training Plans

Gain Fitness, Build your FTP and Develop the Performance needed to be able to race to your best in the upcoming TriNZ Zwift Race League.

Foot Traffic Endurance Sports Limited is in no way associated with Zwift, or their associated partners and brands.  

The timing and structure of this Training Plan coincides with the commencement of the TriNZ Zwift Racing League race season (26 May - 30 June)

Professional Coaches

Foot Traffic Coaches RJ Cowan and Rob Dallimore have created a Training Plans that will lift your eRacing performance by targeting the energy systems required to improve your fitness and Functional Threshold Power, among other key metrics to be your best online racer.

RJ and Rob are highly experienced Professional Coaches and competitive Zwift Racers.  You can benefit from their years of coaching and racing to deliver training plans that follow proven principles.

Optimise your training time and don't be left wondering if you are doing the right workouts, leave that to the experts

Event Specific Plans


Using the Training Tilt Training Plan builder and Membership platform we have written a Training Plan that can be viewed on your Desktop or on your Mobile.  Most of the training sessions (those which have structured intervals) have a downloadable file which can then be uploaded to your Zwift Workout Folder, for it to be performed in-game.

These Training Plans have been carefully formed and structured with thought and precision specifically for these very popular (and super competitive) Virtual Cycling events.  We all remember the fantastic racing had during the 2020 Covid-19 Lockdowns.

You will be well trained, prepped and rested up for each race having trained specifically and ready to attack the key features of that race.  These training plans have the optimal balance of interval, aerobic and recovery training  

Structured Workouts


Our Coaches have put plenty of thought to each session, and have created Structured Sessions that you can upload to the Zwift Workout folder on your computer, so it's sitting there ready for you to follow in the Zwift world you chose.  
Follow the Coach's onscreen instructions through the session so you know you are completing the workout exactly as it was intended.

Group Workouts


Coach Rob will be hosting a group session every Monday evening at 6pm, for the duration of the 6 week series.

This session will be performed on Zwift, and streamed through a Zoom call, so you will be able to chat to Rob and the other athletes riding along with you.

You will all be doing the same session as each other during the group workout, so it's a really fun and encouraging way to train.

Athlete Community


Even though this is Online Training, you will still be part of a vibrant and encouraging community.  Within the Foot Traffic Coaching membership site we have Social Groups of like minded athletes you can interact with, as well as the opportunity to communicate directly with members of our Coaching team.

Pricing (NZ$)


Current Foot Traffic members

If you're already a Foot Traffic Online Coaching or FTeam Member you don't have to pay for this Training Plan.
Just hit the link below, let us know you want to have the plan added to your database and we will send you a separate link


Non-Foot Traffic members

Anyone is welcome to follow this Training Plan and join in the group workouts.  We love to see new faces (well avatars, but you know what we mean).

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