Subscription Training Lab Membership

Train your way with Foot Traffic coaching’s guidance. You are the boss but with the ability to draw on expert knowledge to give your training the extra lift you have been looking for. Select from our continually evolving collection of training plans and then spice it up with regularly updated individual swim/bike/run/strength sessions to create your very own recipe for success. All plans and sessions are written, trialed and tweaked by our expert Foot Traffic coaches. Combined with the Training Tilt mobile app you can have a coach in your pocket. 


With a Subscription Coaching membership you have access to our wide selection of training plans to fit every ability level and every stage in your training.

-Sprint Triathlon
-Half Iron-distance
-Half Marathon
-Base Training plans for Running or Triathlon

Add your program to your training calendar, adjust the dates and start training. You also have the ability to shift sessions around within the week to fit your unique schedule. So there are now no excuses for not achieving the training you have always dreamed of. Finish one training plan and then move on to the next. Or you can just maintain your fitness levels where they are at with a Base Training plan while you decide on your next goal.

Sync your profile with your Strava account so your training stats are populated and you can compare your Planned to your Actual training volume.


Don’t get stuck in a rut completing the same trainer or swim session, week in and week out. Our library of individual sessions are regularly updated and added to, to provide further guidance and a little bit of additional colour to your plan. Pick the session which fits your current goals or the specific phase of your training plan. And if you already have a Training Peaks account for storing and analysing your data, then simply sync your accounts to get the best of both applications.


Foot Traffic Coaching is centred around a strong community where sharing experiences and knowledge is encouraged. Connect up with the coaches and other athletes through our Member Forum or our private Facebook Group to find out how other athletes like you might tackle a particular problem or what gear the experienced athletes have found to be best. And if you are wanting a more personal response then leave a message for one of our coaches using our In-App messaging feature.

And as if this wasn’t enough, you also have access to the other amazing Training Lab features:

  • Product reviews
  • Videos, articles and tips
  • The Foot Traffic shop complete with training and racing apparel and our favourite nutrition products
  • Amazing discounts from our sponsors and associates
  • Interactive online discussion sessions.

Get all this for just $50 per month or $350 per year.

Join the Foot Traffic Training Lab 


Do you want more coach input and regular assessment of your progress? Perhaps The F-Team is what you are looking for.

Contact us for more details on these options.