Simon Cochrane

Simon is one of New Zealand's fastest improving Ironman athletes.  He has an extensive racing history, having competed in 24 Ironman events with a P.B of 8hr 28mins at IMNZ this year. Over the last few seasons he has amassed multiple top 10 results and podium placings as a Professional athlete at international Ironman events.  He has raced all over the globe and has competed at the Ironman World championships at Hawaii. 

Simon's coaching style includes a well rounded approach using skills in his strength and conditioning background. He has 8+ years of personal training and coaching experience and has worked with a large range of athletes from beginners running a 5km race,  through to training Professional athletes at the Ironman distance. 

He coaches a select group of athletes of varying abilities in Triathlon, running and also gym strength sessions. He has recently moved to Hamilton (from Auckland) and is keen to get involved with the local triathlon community and to take on some more athletes to help them achieve some massive goals.

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